4 Tips to Gain XP Bonuses with this Horde Leveling Guide

So, you're not sure whether you should be getting a WoW Horde Leveling guide or not? The truth is that if you are planning on starting a new Horde character, then you will most likely need a Horde leveling guide at some point or the other, and it is wise to get one beforehand. Honestly, the process of Horde leveling in WoW is not as complicated and difficult as it once was. However, if you have no clue where to quest at a particular level, or what to do for each quest, then it could turn out to be a tedious task.

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World of Warcraft Genn GreymaneFocusing only on questing is the best way you can maintain a high XP rate, if you are leveling up a Horde character.

As far as a guide is concerned, it will prevent you from wandering off too far from the quest path and will help you to get through every quest quickly. You will also be able to enhance your Horde character's XP rate by implementing the following tips.

1. Heirlooms: These items can be purchased for Honor Points, Justice Points and also for gold, if your reputation with your guild is high. Along with your character, you can level up all Heirlooms, and you might get an XP bonus from some of them.

So, if you have another character at the maximum level, with a few thousand Honor Points or Justice Points that are not really needed, you should purchase Heirlooms for your new Horde character.

If you want to gain a 35% XP bonus while completing quests and slaying creatures, then equip your new Horde with a cloak, chest armor piece, helmet, shoulderplates, and all Heirlooms.

2. Guild XP bonus: If you are a part of a Level 2 WoW guild, you can gain a 5% XP bonus from the guild's Fast Track guild perk. Also, once the guild has reached Level 6, the Fast Track perk will be upgraded to level 2 and you will receive 5% more XP bonuses. Thus, the added 10% XP bonus is a major benefit you can enjoy if you are a part of Level 6 guild. Thus, your character will end up getting a 45% total XP bonus when combined with the bonus from Heirlooms.

3. Dungeon quests: Usually, there are at least one or two NPCs near the entrance inside most dungeons that give quests. Needless to say, you must complete those quests inside those instances. Since you must defeat elite bosses and mobs to complete them, you will be rewarded with high XP bonuses. So, joining a dungeon group from time to time is not a bad idea. However, a dungeon should be completed only once for the quests inside. After finishing those quests, it won't be worth your time to complete them again since you will gain lesser XP.

Like most players, you might be thinking that you won't need a guide for leveling up rapidly. However, the truth is that you will definitely need one at some point. So, rather than getting stuck in between wondering what you should do next, having a Horde leveling guide by yourside will come in handy later on.

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