WoW Hunter Guide

In World of Warcraft (WoW), the hunter is an interesting, but among the most challenging classes to play with. They are a damage dealing class with host of skills and enhancements such as pets that help them through their quest.

Even though they have axes and knives that are helpful in close quarter combat, their primary weapons are ranged bows, crossbows, and guns that are lethal at a distance. Therefore, it is advisable that players who level using the hunter should be tactical, and coin effective strategies that give them a fair advantage over their enemies. This WoW hunter guide highlights several tips and tricks that people can use.

Traditionally, many players consider the WoW hunter as a weaker class that is only effective in the background. Although they are good at storing ammunition, food, and other inventories and tracking mobs, aggro, and patrols, they are worth more than these roles.

hunter dwarfFor instance, in addition to being the beast master in WoW, they are also long-range weapon experts, with rapid-fire abilities such as the Auto Shot Kill.

Principally, players who want to explore the full potential of this powerful class should consider the following WoW hunter guide tips:

Select a Good Race

Before selecting a quest, players should make sure that they create efficient warriors who will increase their chances of surviving through the game. One major customization that they should make is to select the right race for their hunter classes.

This affects their skill sets and how they level in the game. Based on their personal needs, players can play as either a Horde or an alliance. Primarily, those who play as alliances should choose the Dwarf or Night Elves race, while their Horde counterparts can pick either Tauren, orc, or Troll races.

Stay out of Range

To protect their classes from sustaining too much damage, players should always attack from a distance. They should also use their specialty in weaponry, especially when face with challenging situations. For instance, when battling tough monsters or bosses, players should use the hunter's Auto Shot ability to stun their enemies until they are in a melee range.

They can then use their knives, axes, or the Raptor Strike to deal a damaging blow to their foes. However, even though hunters are good melee fighters, players should not use this stance for long. They should return in range and repeat the same strategy until the enemy falls. Finally, before going for battles, players should set up protective traps, and use flares to scare rogues.

Divide and Conquer

Similar to the crowd control ability of mages, players who use hunters should divide and conquer their enemies. They should use their ranged abilities to divide a large mob, draw them in small groups, and then kill them. Moreover, players who have reached level six should learn the Hunter's Mark and Arcane Shot.

These skills are helpful, especially when there is a looming attack. Finally, even though the divide and conquer strategy is efficient, and will always work to their advantage, players should finish stunned enemies using melee attacks. This will help them to conserve mana that they can then in other complex stages.

The hunter, though considered as a baby sitter, is a very powerful class if used tactically. Players who follow these Wow hunter guide tips will not only enjoy exquisite gameplay, but also contribute to the success of the team.

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