A Simple WoW Mage Guide

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an exquisite online game developed by Blizzard entertainment. This fourth installment of the popular role-playing game (RPG) franchise is among the best in the market. Principally, like other RPG games, people select a character class and level through a series of quests where they fight monsters, and interact with other WoW players.

One class that is particularly fun to play with, but not considered among the easiest to control is the mage. Even though they are not good at wielding swords or one-on-one combat like Paladins and Warriors, they have a host of skills that give them a fair advantage over other classes. Individuals who want to learn how to level quickly using this class should continue reading this informative WoW mage guide.

mage night elfMages are interesting, but among the hardest classes to play in WoW. Even though they have powerful spells that maim their opponents even at a distance, they cannot withstand constant bashing, mainly because their wear light clothing and lack healing spells.

Even so, mages boast of their magic wielding abilities. Their ranged attack slows down enemies and deals vital blows that defeat them as a result.

Moreover, they have the rare ability to summon food and helpers during battle, teleport through cities, and striping their enemies off their magic. However, instead of engaging in an all-out slugfest when using mages, people should be patient, tactical, and consider the following valuable tips when leveling using mages:

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Choose Quests Strategically

The first thing that people who play using mages should do is to decide whether they want to play as the alliance or the horde. Depending on the option chosen, players will have different options that are characteristic of their various mage races.

Once they have chosen their mages, it is imperative that people strategically pick their quests to increase their chances of success. Primarily, it is advisable that you go for quests that increase your chances of finding armor, crafting ingredients, and weapons. Junk quests only slow down your development.

Exploit the Power of Crowd Control

In addition to their ranged attacks, mages also have a powerful ability to control crowds. People should use this skill, especially during group situations when they encounter a mob. By applying the Poly Morph spell, they can protect their group from heightened bashing and enhance their longevity in the game. Even though mages have a host of interesting skills, its group control skills are crucial, but among the most neglected during gameplay.

Prioritize spell Attacks

mage humanAs previously noted, the principal key to leveling fast using mages in WoW is an efficient strategy. This should also be the case when casting spell attacks.

It is advisable that players cast their lowest-cost spells first before proceeding to the more costly ones. Moreover, people should cast their spells based on the gaming situation.

For instance, players who are dying and desperately looking for an opportunity to regain their strength should stop their enemies by casting the frost nova. However, during emergencies, they can slow down their enemies using the Frostbolt and finish them off using Arcane Missiles or the Fire blast.

By following this WoW mage guide, players will exploit the full potential of their classes, increase their chances of surviving in battles, and thus, level faster through the game.

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