WoW Rogue Guide

Rogues are one of the most exciting classes to play in World of Warcraft. When your main job is to provide as much damage as you can for any group that you're in, you can imagine why it must be fun to be a rogue. Keep that idea in mind, as this wow rogue guide will help you become one of the best rogues on your server.

wow rogueDPS (damage per second) is key when to your success as a rogue. No matter the level rogue you are, you want to try your best to increase how much damage you deal each second.

Look for items that are going to increase your strength and agility. Rogues that have weapons and armor that increase their strength and agility are going to become very strong. You can find weapons in the auction house for a reasonable price, and after you purchase them you can increase your rogue's overall damage potential.

The next two attributes you are going to look for are stamina and armor. Make sure that you are also checking into the speed of the weapon that you are using.

There are plenty of one handed swords and daggers that have very high attack speeds. Look for these type of weapons so you can increase your DPS by a significant margin.

Talent trees are key to becoming a powerful rogue. In order to increase your DPS you want to most likely invest your talent points into combat. You can increase your hit chance, attack speed, and percentage of damage output with many of the talents in combat. Investing into subtly and assassination are both beneficial in their own ways as well, but they don't maximize your individual damage output potential as much as possible.

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While you are playing as a rogue make sure that you enchant your items. You don't have to enchant the items on your own, but you can get someone to do it for you. Enchanting your items can increase your attack speed, armor, and all of your other attributes. Every little attribute that you add on to your weapons, armor or accessories can help you do more damage or stay alive longer.

Remember that rogues can make a decent amount of gold by leveling up their lock picking ability. You can find a lot of low level items in the auction house for a cheap price that you can use to level up your lock picking skills. As your lock picking skills increase you should find people in major cities looking for someone to help them open their locked items. This is a good way to make some extra gold on the side while you have some downtime.

Wow RogueTwo of the best professions to pick up for rogues are alchemy and leatherworking. Alchemy can help you create potions to use while you are in combat. There are a variety of potions that you can use including potions that can increase your armor, stamina, and strength.

You can use potions for yourself to become a better rogue overall, and you can sell them for extra gold on the side.

Leatherworking is also beneficial for rogues because you can create items for yourself as you level up. There are a lot of higher level items that are good for rogues, so investing into leatherworking can help you have a lot of good items when you reach the level cap.

Rogues help groups and raids by reducing the amount of time each battle takes. A rogue is doing their job when their DPS is at the highest. Try and work with all of the groups or raids that you are in and coordinate strategies with the other DPS classes to reduce the amount of time each battle takes. Doing this will make playing the game a lot more fun for everyone, because that's what rogues do. As a rogue everyone enjoys wow when you're around.

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