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Wow Alchemists is a war game that uses herbs. These herbs are used to create magical brews that may look strange to you. However, you should know that the strange brew contains power to heal, empower your characters and produce a variety of other positive effects like being invisible and mana restoration.

In the game, your character is the Alchemist who, for the most part, works best in a group and is very useful for raids. If you are an enthusiast of World of Warcraft, epic fantasy war games, then you may already know how to play the game. However, are you an illustrious player yet? There are seven levels of players in the game. Illustrious is the highest level in the game.

It is possible to move from the lowest player level to the highest if you know what it takes to reach the Illustrious Level. In this case, you can move from an Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master, and Grand Master to the Illustrious Level. This hub will ensure you are able to improve your game, level to level without hardship. Additionally, you will be in a position to make this move in the most cost effective way possible.

You should know three things in each level of the game.

l It is possible to create any alchemical brew anywhere. However, you must have the appropriate ingredients. These reagents can easily be purchased from vendors. You can also trade them from other players or find them in the wild.

l As you advance in this craft of alchemy, you can decide to choose a specialization. You will be accorded this opportunity in the Illustrious Level. Once you have successfully accomplished a unique quest, you can decide to specialize in potions, elixirs or transmutation. However, this is only possible if you have a skill level of 475.

l You should know that as a specialized professional, you have the chance to create your own bonus materials. These materials are easy to make in your level of specialization.

The best wow alchemy guide has to provide you with instructions on how you can go about making the brew to be used in the game. This guide will help you know what is required for you to move from one level to the next.

Step 1
The first step in any level of the game is to get all the ingredients you require for your recipe. To find out the kind of ingredients you need is easy. You only have to check your professional menu. You will have the specific components you need for your particular brew.

Step 2
Any alchemy brew that you make use herbs. Therefore, get your herbs from an auction house. If you require special materials like containers, they can be obtained from a goods trade vendor.

Step 3
Once you have all the ingredients with you, it is time to mix them. This is done by choosing the 'alchemy' button present in your profession menu. Here, you get to choose the recipe you have in mind and make specifications on the quantity you require for your potion. Once you have done this, click on the create button and have you brew.

Which is the Fastest Way to Level your Skills?

The fastest way for you to level your alchemy skills is to master how to move from level one to the 525th level.

l You will move faster in your level if you combine alchemy with herbalism. These two professions will help you save on gold, which you can use to purchase your herbs. Additionally, this combination gives you a chance to harvest all the herbs you need for your brew.

l If you do not have herbalism yet, you should find a way of finding gold. This is because there is no way you can buy herbs without the gold. Furthermore, you will need a lot of gold to purchase the herbs.
l The secret to leveling your alchemy is to ensure you buy extra materials. This will help you gain skills vital to move to another craft.


It is very easy to reach the Illustrious Level where your skill is at all time high. All you require is a proper wow alchemy guide. This provides you with all materials you need to level your profession. The only secret is to know what you need in your craft to make a particular brew. By doing so, you stand a chance of leveling your characters in the shortest time possible.

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