Zygor Guide Review

Zygor guideWorld of Warcraft is not your average hack and slash RPG. It has been around for years and its success has been driven by the diversity of the lore and game content. Leveling itself is a one week long experience. However, the game doesn't end at level 85.

That's the moment when the true challenge begins where everyone competes to show off their epic gear, their skill in PvP, their wealth, achievements and raid kills. It is overwhelming if you look at all the things that need to be done to be considered a worthy guild member.

There are so many things to do in the game that even the players that have been around for years need to minimize the game, open google and search for some info regarding the achievement they want to get or whatever they might be into at that particular time. Zygor has been around probably ever since the game was launched. His guides have evolved significantly and as of now they might just be the best ones available.

Who Is Zygor?

Zygor is a WoW player and enthusiast. It all started with an eBook guide but he felt that this was not enough. Being a gamer and not a coder, he decided to hire some professionals to help him integrate his knowledge into the game in the form of an addon.

World of Warcraft has a friendly UI that enabled Zygor to embed his guide into the game and eliminate the need to minimize the game and search for info. There are more than 60.000 players that have brought his guide and the number is growing.

A Quick Look Inside

Zygor offers multiple guides for every type of player. Players should not pay for something they don't need and this is why he decided to separate them as follows:

- Leveling And Loremaster. This guide helps players start from level 1 to 85 as fast as possible. Before Cataclysm, leveling was extremely difficult. Entering a new town meant picking up 4, 5 or even 10 new quests. It becomes confusing, some of them offer small rewards that are not worth the time and the result is a slower leveling progression.

This guide consists of an ingame addon that guides the player all the way through by marking the quests that should be done and the ones that should be skipped.

- Dailies and Events. Everyone knows that daily quests can be a good source of gold. This guide tracks all of them and optimizes routes to minimize the time required to complete them. Events can also be confusing since they only happen once a year. When they arrive, knowing how to complete their quests becomes a time saving advantage.

Zygor Guide website- Professions and Achievements. Professions are still the best way to earn gold in WoW. This module provides useful tools to craft and farm for mats for all professions in the game.

- Pets And Mounts.Everyone wants to have the rarest pets and mounts. Some players spend tens of thousands of gold on the Vial of Sands or the Wrath of the Lich King Mammoths. This module includes all these vanity items and how to get them.

- Titles, Reps and Macros. There are multiple ways to get titles including achievements, PvP and seasonal quests. It is very difficult to get to know all of them. The same thing goes for factions and reputation farming. This guide includes all of that and a macro guide as bonus.

On top of the goodies included and the ingame addons, all Zygor guides come with free updates and discounts for expansion upgrades. They also come with free trials for the players to get a risk free insight of the guides and form an opinion for themselves. It is very easy to understand just how effective they are. The simplest thing that a player can do is to get a character to level 10 and then get the trial and try to do the same but with the free aid from Zygor.

The Bottom Line

Many have tried to come with their own guides and there are plenty of them out there. Most of them come as ebooks that are extremely difficult to follow. Very few of them took the risk to invest their own money in the development of a complex addon to eliminate the need to minimize the game and keep an automatic track of the quests completed by the player, guiding him as he progresses.

This is one of the main reasons why Zygor guides are this popular and more than 60.000 gamers already bought them. Reading a single Zygor guide review and comparing it with others will reveal the differences and why it is superior. You cannot beat a guide that manages to integrate itself into the game.

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